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Lisaius.flourish.2019 copy.jpg

Artist Statement/Bio


I was born in New Jersey. My parents were first generation Americans and wonderfully brave and creative. They encouraged my interest in art and I graduated with a BFA with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design. I have also lived in New York City, Copenhagen and now call Seattle home. 


Being outside, in nature, is an important part of my happiness. It is so interesting out there. Nature is creative, beautiful, brutal, kind and honest. It is where I look for Truth and I find it everywhere.


My paintings are metaphors for both local and global communities. Within this theme, I explore the concepts of diversity, self, and truth. I invite viewers to find their own connections and meaning within my art. For inspiration, I take a lot of photos and I collect leaves, berries, mushrooms, bark, and other bits of nature. My art is also informed by images of pattern and nature from around the world.

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